Quarterly Reports

Country Representatives report to JETAA US Chapters and members on a quarterly basis. These reports let chapters and members know what projects and activities are going on at the national level, etc. Although CRs are the drivers of these initiatives and projects, they are always open to more hands on deck to help out. Please contact any of the CRs if you’d like to get more involved!

JETAA USA Quarterly Reports

Japanese FY
(April- March)
Quarter 1
(April, May, June)
Quarter 2
(July, Aug, Sept)
Quarter 3
(Oct, Nov, Dec)
Quarter 4
(Jan, Feb, March)
2013-20142013-14: Q12013-14: Q2 2013-14: Q3 2013-14: Q4
2012-2013 2012-13: Q1 2012-13: Q2 2012-13: Q32012-13: Q4
2011-20122011-12: Q12011-12: Q22011-12: Q32011-12: Q4
2010-20112010-11: Q12010-11: Q2No report2010-11: Q4

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