Monica Yuki

JETAA New York (US-2)

  • JETAA USA Country Representative: 2015-present
  • JETAA New York (US-2) President: 2011-2015
  • JETAA New York (US-2) Board of Directors: 2011-Present
  • JETAA USA Working Group Member: 2014-present
  • JETAA New York (US-2) Vice President: 2008-2011
  • JETAA New York (US-2) Social Chair: 2006-2008
  • JET Program, ALT, Saitama Prefecture 2002-2004

JETAA USA is an incredible organization built on the combined strength and success of the 19 chapters across the United States. With common goals of promoting the JET Program, assisting returning JETs with acclimating to life in the U.S. and strengthening the ties between JET alumni and the community, I feel it is vital for us to work together to increase the visibility and success of JETAA on a national and international level.

This past year as Country Representative I feel I not only accomplished what I set out to do, but surpassed it. Through increasing chapter communication, National and Regional Conference support, and providing resources to our chapters, I continued JETAA on the road to success.

Every chapter is led by amazing, vibrant and dedicated alumni that commit so much time and energy to promoting the JET Program and the Japan & U.S. relationship. In my role as Country Representative, it was important to me to reach out to all the chapters multiple times throughout the year to keep an open dialogue and hear about their successful events. With that information I created numerous e-mail blasts and social media posts. If elected again I want to maintain that type of communication and increase the amount of newsletters to regularly share our success and support for all the chapters.

I played an integral role in the logistics and planning of the National and Regional conferences this past year. If elected again I will continue to work with the other Country Representatives and the local hosting chapter to put on another successful gathering of chapter leaders. For the National Conference in Detroit, I designed the agenda based on a survey I created asking chapters where they needed the most support. This allowed us to directly focus on the immediate needs of our chapters and provide tangible ideas to implement in their region.

I am committed to building our network through supporting our subchapters. For the Regional Conference I discussed with chapter leaders the successes and challenges of their subchapters. I am dedicated to finding solutions and expanding their membership through increasing the visibility of JETAA before people go on JET and helping to create a seamless transition from JET to JETAA. One way to do this is to continue our strong working relationship with AJET and alumni chapter leaders in Japan and around the world.

JETAA International is being revived and I believe my strong understanding of all our chapters allows me to properly represent JETAA USA on the international level. Most recently, I’ve supported the leaders in helping rebuild the JETAA chapter in Western Japan. I will work with chapters worldwide to provide more programs and web-based offerings that alumni can join virtually to gain the same benefits as alumni residing near the main chapter.

As Country Representative I want to help chapters utilize the amazing benefits of USJETAA. This non-profit extension of our organization can positively help all chapters elevate their events, offerings, and support to their local members.   I am dedicated to assisting USJETAA’s membership database so we can better communicate and connect alumni.

I’ve been an active member of the New York alumni chapter since returning from Japan in 2005. My involvement with JETAANY for the past 11 years has allowed me to see this organization grow tremendously not only in membership but strengthening our visibility in the community. I currently sit as the Chair of the Board of Directors and have had the opportunity to represent JETAA at many high level meetings and events including several with prefectural governors. Creating an open forum of communication with the Tokyo Governor and his office helped open the door to the expansion of the JET Program in Tokyo in 2014. I have also met with many representatives of the CLAIR office in New York and Tokyo to continually share the success and contributions that JETAA provides to the JET Program as a whole.

Honoring the fast approaching 30th anniversary of the JET Program, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to highlight all our success. One idea that I have brought up to JETAA USA chapter leaders is to celebrate this important anniversary by creating an event, both informative and social, and inviting the entire JET community. I believe my experience, passion and dedication can contribute to the national efforts of JETAA. I sincerely appreciate the consideration to be elected as one of the U.S. Country Representatives. I am absolutely committed in seeing the growth and longevity of the JET program and the alumni associations.

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