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The JET Alumni Association of Southern California (JETAASC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization currently open to all returning JETs for the Southern California and Arizona region.  JETAASC serves as a networking organization for returning JETs and JET alumni and provides resources and opportunities for those seeking to keep their “JET experience” alive somewhere in their hearts.

Our organization provides monthly events for JET alumni that span networking dinners to volunteer opportunities based mostly in Southern California, however JETAASC subchapters often have events in their area.  JETAASC is headquartered in Los Angeles, but has subchapters in Santa Barbara, Orange County, San Diego and Arizona. To get in touch with us, please visit our website and/ or contact us:

JETAASC Regular Events

Monthly Chapter EventsRanging from volunteer opportunities with the Japanese community or networking with fellow JET Alumni, JETAASC provides monthly chapter events that bring together members from all across the region. With the recent tragedies in Tohoku, JETAASC has been committed to helping those in need by hosting various charity events throughout the year.Monthly- check our website!throughout Southern CA- check our website!
HikesHeaded by various JET alumni throughout the year, JET Hikes are a great way to get to know other JET Alumni. Alumni have a chance of experiencing some of Southern California’s best hiking trails like the annual Thanksgiving Hollywood Sign hike.Quarterly- check our website!throughout Southern CA- check our website!
Nihongo Dake DinnerSouthern California JET alums get a chance to practice their Japanese at these “Japanese only” speaking events. Returners get a chance to network with other former JETs and brush up on their Japanese, all in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.Quarterly- check our website!throughout Southern CA- check our website!

JETAASC Annual Events

Welcome Back / Meishi ExchangeJETAASC, in coordination with the Consulate General of Japan Los Angeles’ office, prepares a Welcome Back reception and “Meishi Exchange” Event. Returners get the opportunity to meet and greet with fellow JET alumns in the Southern California and Arizona region, exchange “meishi,” network with various organizations and learn about career opportunities beyond JET.Octoberdifferent location each year- check our website or get in touch with us!
“Bounenkai / Shinnenkai” DinnersLike Japan, JETAASC has annual Bounenkai and Shinnenkai events that not only give our alumni a chance to meet and greet, but also have some fun! Choosing from the regions most interesting selection of venues, JETAASC strives to be unique and provide its membership with some of LA’s cultural institutions.December / Januarydifferent location each year- check our website or get in touch with us!
Pre-Departure OrientationJETAASC, in conjunction with the Consulate General of Japan Los Angeles, provides a pre-departure orientation with important information on tips for newly minted-JETs. Alumni get the opportunity to speak about their experiences and offer their best tips on how to have fun (or cope) with living in a new country.Junedifferent location each year- get in touch with us to be involved!

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